A Mind of a Broken Heart: One Family's Journey

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I share my personal experience with bipolar disorder and how God used people and medication to heal me. My story starts as a child traumatized by a single event that left me feeling worthless and hopeless. That was until I had an encounter with Jesus that left me feeling accepted and loved by my creator. But this new relationship would be tested. Could I possibly change my life and the way I was living it? How would my family react to the new me?


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I write on personal experience with bipolar disorder and how
God saved me through compassion and medication. My chapter started when I was a little child traumatized by a single instance that left me feeling worthless and hopeless;
that is, until I had a personal encounter with…

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In 2009, I found myself sitting in my car, disgusted with my life, family, and uncontrolled behavior. My two oldest children were cutting school, and my husband hated me for what I was doing. My inconsistency in parenting took a toll on my children and caused a significant rift between Jim and me. We were not happy. The thought occurred to me to drive myself off the Walt Whitman bridge. I felt like everyone in my life would be better off without me. It was with that very thought that I knew I was in trouble. It was the first time I had a plan to end my life. I thought about dying before, but I never had a plan.

I decided it was time to put my past behind me and get some help. Where was I to turn for the help I needed? I started praying and asking God for help. I told him I did not want to kill myself, and I just wanted the rollercoaster to stop to get off it. I started searching for answers for real.

When the doctor revealed to me the diagnosis, I felt my surroundings shift and swirl around me. I first thought after that, Great now, I am certifiably crazy. My family already thought I was a mess, and now they had a piece of paper to hold in my face to say I told you so. My family was just as devastated by the diagnosis as I was, but at least now we had an answer.

The doctor put me on several bipolar, sleep, and anxiety medications. I didn’t particularly appreciate how the medicine made me feel. I did not feel like me. Maybe it meant I was not the same wild person before, so I had to adjust to the new me.

Something strange but good happened in the crisis unit. I found out that I was not that different from everyone else. We all had a misconception about what life should look like. It was as if someone told us the same lie, and we believed it. The lie was that we were the only ones who coped with life in unhealthy ways, and we could never be accepted as we were.

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the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books presents A Mind of a Broken Heart: One Family's Journey
Tammy Glamp-Siligrini’s A Mind of a Broken Heart: One Family's Journey is a book that sheds light on the nature of mental illness aimed at people with loved

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